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Since 1983, The Fat Man and Team Fat have created high quality music, sound effects, voice, and atmospheric pieces for games, film, and television.  Additionally, The Fat Man's participation in technical and aesthetic innovations has helped his clients advance the boundaries of game audio. With such groundbreaking scores as those for Wing Commander, The 7th Guest and Putt Putt Saves the Zoo, and his unmatched body of work encompassing hundreds games on almost every platform, The Fat Man has become one of the most respected and influential forces in audio for games.

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09/21/12--The Fat Man’s book has been re-released!: We were finally able to re-release George's book The Fat Man on Game Audio--Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness in electronic form. Don't be daunted that it's in Kindle format, it will run on pretty much any PC or other electronic book-readin' machine. The pictures are in color this way,'s NEAT! Get it here!.

03/20/11--Twitter Stream:
Hey, why not subscribe to The Fat Man's twitter stream?. Yeah, there are some dumb jokes from time to time, but it's the best way to keep in touch with what's new. Here's the RSS feed. for those twitters


03-20-11--The Fat Man Hacking: In recent years, George has been doing a lot of crazy music projects, but under the radar he’s also been combining them with elements of math, science, and hacking. Much of the “smart” stuff was done in partnership with hacking genius Jeri “Circuit Girl” Ellsworth, in the form of the webcast “The Fat Man and Circuit Girl.” That project has ridden off into the sunset, but you can find hacking videos and a lot of other pretty fun stuff on George's YouTube channel.!

The 7th Guest re-released on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: In early December, Trilobyte’s great puzzle game, The 7th Guest, featuring one of George’s best-loved scores, was re-released to the public, now for Apple devices. Here’s a great chance to experience what the big deal is about The Fat Man.

Click here to order our CD's from Freedom Records. is also carrying the CD’s and downloads.


01/04/11--The Fat Man’s New Blog: “Shortcuts and Big Pictures: George was invited to join the new Pro Audio Coalition as a Founder. That means new crackpot philosophies, new hacks, new videos, new stories, and re-releases of old stuff that’s dropped from the public consciousness. It Are Here at Shorcuts and Big Pictures. Try clicking here for the RSS feed.

The Fat Man on Game Audio book jacket

The Fat Man on Game Audio - Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness
Currently out of print. You'll have to buy a used one or borrow one until we can get it reprinted in early 2011.


Artwork by Joe McDermott

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