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  and Team Fat                  

The Fat Man and Team Fat

Too Big to Ignore

Internationally known as The Fat Man, George Alistair Sanger’s influence is hard to overestimate. Through his work, his writings, the founding of think-tanks, organizations and communities, this “legendary game audio guru’s” fingerprints are all over much of what it means today to create game audio or listen to a game.  Most recently, he brought a crack audio team and a fistful of patents to Magic Leap’s first Mixed Reality product as their first audio hire and Audio Director.

Reinventing himself constantly, Sanger is currently focusing on co-writing songs, and is fascinated with the possibilities and the power of songs, especially within games.

Sanger’s first game score was Thin Ice for Intellivision in 1983.  He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) in 2015.  

  George Sanger    

A Dream Team


"Team Fat" has meant different things at different times.  At present, it means this:  If audio needs doing and it goes outside the scope of what one George Sanger can do by himself, he can gather, as he's done many times before, the best talent in the world--to get it done.

  Guy Whitmore  
 Team Fat "Classic" 
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