and Team Fat                  

The Fat Man...and Team Fat


I've made plenty of sound myself, and my time is available to you if my personal voice is what you're after. 


Moreover, I have found that much of my superpower comes from the ability to put together teams of superheroes.  I offer that power to you as well, and your project, customers, and business will benefit from it.


I've had the privilege of putting together a lot of audio teams, organizations, and communities since I started in 1983.  Many of the people I work with and call my friends are generally recognized as being among the best in the world, if not the best, at what they do. 


I have full confidence that between me and my friends we can get you hooked up with world-class solutions to whatever audio challenge you're facing. 


And you are going to sound SOOOO GOOOOOOOD.

  George Sanger    

A Dream Team


Depending on availability and other commitments, we are unveiling the names of new superheroes all the time.  I've given each a grossly unfair but brief "superpower summary." 


Some work as individuals, some represent teams themselves.  Dig deeper...or maybe you don't even wanna know.

  Stephan Schutze  
  Alexander Brandon  

VR/AR Sorcerer

Total Game Sound

  Steve Kirk  

Production and Composition

It's a secret

Not Yet

Handheld and Casual

Big Sound Orchestration


"Legitimate" Classical/Opera

  Alan Howarth  

Immersive Sound Designs



  Guy Whitmore  
 Team Fat "Classic"