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Featured Songs for June

Is it Only Me?

If you're feeling a little left out or passed by, you're not alone; this song's for you

....and Steve and I are happy to announce that with this, our 5-song EP Look Who's Driving is now complete. FeaturingSuper Sweet World (Sanger-Kirk)Is it Only Me (Sanger-Kirk-Yeend)It Keeps on Raining Down (Sanger-Kirk)You Flash Before my Eyes (Sanger-Kirk)That's All You Need to Be (Sanger-Kirk)Production by Steve Kirk (Thimbleweed Park, Voodoo Vince, Farmville)

In the Back of the Book (Sanger-McAllister-Larson)

Imagine a movie in which the hero is drawn further into the mystery. Vocals by Kurt Larson (Information Society).

Everything I Am


The List

with Adam Gubman for GameHouse's Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic


Of course there's always a lot more on the "Treasure Trove" page, and new beautiful stuff is coming all the time.

Next month, expect a couple of carefully chosen gems written with...

Matt Myers (That's What I'm Here For is pretty much done and awesome)

Pete Marston (Every Piece of my Heart is written and sung...but how to produce it?)

And I hope to debut Be Here With You (Is it a love song or a worship tune, I don't remember and I am very happy about that.)

The life I love is making music with my friends, so look forward to more projects with...

Stephen Robert Froeber (Castles/The Planet As If is getting close as we write/produce it live on Facebook every two weeks.)

Adam Gubman (Yeah! More!)

Kurt Larson (Working on one about The Muse.)

Steve McAllister (We've got so many on the cooker.)

Elvira Bjorkman (of Angry Birds 2 fame. She's in Sweden, and you don't even wanna know what we're working on.)


--George and Friends

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