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Virtual Reality Goggles
VR Headset
Mixing Console
Sound Waves
Mixing Console
Tape Machine
Electronic Drum Set
Music Studio
Sound equipment
Live Punk Band Red
Audio Visual Equipment
Music Production
Sound Engineer
Vintage Gramophone
Audio Control
Business Meeting
03-22-11a Computer Museum and Videogame Archive 025

  Solutions for all your audio needs    

  Interactive Audio for All Media    

For games, virtual reality, theme parks, location-based entertainment, casinos, tech innovations and things that haven't been invented yet.  We wrote the book--literally.  Literarily.  

  Music and Sound Design    

Making music and sound for any and all media, that's just what we do naturally.  We've touched some hearts, we've made some fans, we've been an important part of some hit games and movies, and we'd love to help you.  We'd love to hear your creative brief, or help you develop it in the best way to support your intent.

 Team Building and Direction   

Audio departments, think tanks, audio strategy, tools, processes, facilities, budgeting, we've done it all, or we can find somebody who has, quick as a wink...and even if it's something new, we'll help you invent it.  Not a lot of people can say that with that confidence.


Did we miss something?  Have you got an issue that we've dealt with before, or a special case that we need to hear about so we can help you explore?  Let's talk about it.

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