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In addition to his more publicized work in video games, George and Team Fat produced audio for over 250 slot machines for Multimedia Games (now Everi).  Over the course of 14 years, his music, sound, and audio guidance helped them grow from a garage in an industrial park to being a 1.6 billion-dollar company

  • He's done slots since 1999, with value and entertainment titles covering all of the popular themes and styles and creating and exploring new ones.

  • He helped break the norm and establish the expectations for what a Class II electronic slot should sound like.

  • His sounds for Meltdown in 2000 established that game as iconic, and brought attention to the fact that audio makes games more lucrative.

  • Those sounds are still being used in the Meltdown/High Voltage and many other games, and are imitated across the industry, 17 years later.

  • He was hired as "Slot Machine Audio Philosopher" by JVL, and set them up with their current staff.

  • As a thought leader in mobile games, handheld slots are a natural.

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