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  • George Sanger

"Creative Listening" is not dead.

Does The Song have to sound like a past hit so it can become a future hit? Are slick production and rote imitation the only way to get the attention of the listeners "who count?"

​I won't believe it, and I offer you the chance to support me in this. Music can be meticulously produced, and it can be based on the common vocabulary, and that can give it power. But The Song can be free, too. It can be shocking. It can even be a sketch and bring value and joy to the person who hears it.​

Some people love to meet The Song halfway, discover it, own it, and let it become a part of them.​

Some people love a song because it's not like anything they can get anywhere else.​

Some can imagine how The Song would sound with their own voice, their band's arrangement, a few word changes to fit their movie, a change of length to fit their video. ​

Please listen and enjoy, and while you do, consider the power and potential of lyrics, melody, and chords.

​And ask yourself: Are you that Creative Listener? If so, you have all my respect, and I hope you will subscribe and find this site to be a good home for you. And if you want some of this Song Power to be yours, maybe you can play in this sandbox, too. Just let me know your thoughts.

​I'll keep writing more and more music with some of the most talented people I know, because that feels very, very good to be heard by you right now.

--George A. Sanger (The Fat Man)

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