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  • George Sanger

Slip Outside the Storm--Lyrics (Extended)

For fun, below are my original unedited lyrics, before Adam fixed them. Yes, that Adam. Adam Gubman. Co-Producer of This is Me from The Greatest Showman. I get to write songs with that guy. Woah.

Anyway...Parker and Lane don't like each other at first...but [slight Spoiler Alert!]

...he has a daughter he cares about and she has a father who passed. This song at the funeral brings out the love and empathy in both of them.

Slip Outside the Storm



Ash tray on the sofa, table cloth is torn

Faded pair of blue jeans, no more to be worn

Taxman comes a-callin, I won’t be there no more, When I

Leave this troubled ocean...When I head in for the shore.

All the years of trying, all the ships at sea

All the hail and fire, raining down on me

Learned a lot of lessons, I sure don’t need no more, but now

Who will kiss my daughter…When I head in for the shore?


Slip outside the storm, I’ve seen enough, I’m good

Take all the noise and trouble, I wish you would.

Tell the boys at the bar don’t let my beer go warm, just

Let a good man take my bar-stool, when I slip outside the storm.


Roll away the stone, rock me on the water

Smiling little baby, happy little daughter

Nobody can hurt you, Love will stand alone

When you rock me on the water…When you roll away the stone

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