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  • George Sanger

Super Sweet World--Lyrics

By George Sanger and Steve Kirk

VERSE1: If it's love you want, Baby, Say no more...there's no hunger this candy store If it's love you need, you can Come to me, but I'm telling you, it's pretty sweet.

CHORUS: it's a Super sweet world the One I’m showing you, that You were born in'd best be lieve it, it's a Super sweet world, I Bet you never knew, No- Thing you need to do…………to Al-ways be in it.

VERSE2: You can Work all day, you can hurt all night, you can muck it up, and it's Still allright And your Friends will stare, when they see you smile, and you'll Have to say, it's pretty sweet.


BRIDGE: I don’t have to sugarcoat it However unforgiving life may be Can’t you see it’s a candy tree We could spend our lifetime waiting For the sweet world that surrounds us Every day, so come this way

VERSE3: 'Cause it Chews us up, and it spits us out, like a Dinousaur with a Brussels sprout And we have to laugh, as we Watch it all, because damn it all, it's pretty sweet.


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